Growth Explorer Report Tool

The Growth Explorer is one of three types of reporting tools that are available to enable the easy creation of virtually any kind of report to support efficient process implementation and analysis and interpretation of data. (The other tools are Rubric Explorer and System Reports.)

The Growth Explorer displays data that is collected through single or multiple response items (e.g., drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc.) by representing the information in a graphical format (a one-dimensional heat map), which portrays the frequency with which each response was selected across users, buildings, departments, or the district as a whole. The user can specify a date to see a snapshot or indicate a time frame to see progress and growth over time for a particular item.

To utilize Growth Explorer:



In the Growth section of the Report Configuration, use the calendar fields to select the Start and End Date parameters for the report.


From the left side of the Filters section, use the drop-down menus to select the desired Evaluation Types, Components, Forms as well as the questions from which you would like the report to pull data.

Use the down arrows on the right to filter by User, Building, Department, Grade, Group  and/or Position Type.


From the Options section, choose any or all of the following:

  • Show Counts:  Displays, in "x out of y" format, the frequency with which a particular response was selected out of the total number of occurrences possible.
  • Show Percentages:  Displays, in percentage format, the frequency with which the response was selected out of the total number of occurrences possible.
  • Colors:  Offers a number of choices for depicting frequency using colors.
  • Include "In-Progress":  Includes data from any forms that have been initiated, but not completed and Submitted.
  • Group By:  Indicates how the data will be displayed over time.

  • Tally By:
    • Total Answers: The number of times an answer was selected relative to the total number of answers submitted for the question. This is relevant for multi-answer questions such as checkbox sections.
    • Total Forms: The number of times an answer was selected relative to the total number of forms submitted.
  • Include filter data in export: Displays the selected filter criteria on the exported report (PDF or Excel)
Run Report

Click View to see the report on your screen.

Below the report, click Details to display detailed data in a spreadsheet format that can be exported to Excel (details include First/Last Name, Rubric, Criteria, Selected Level, Building, Department, Grade, and Group), View PDF to create a PDF version of the report or Export to Excel to create a spreadsheet of the data. Click Save Configuration in order to save your report for later use.

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