Why can't I see a user in Process View?

On occasion, evaluators will not be able to see a user in their Process View. If this happens, please check the following:

  • Is the user added as a user in the Add/Edit User screen? (Administration > Users > Add/Edit User Info)

  • Does the user have an evaluation type assigned to them? (Evaluations > Config > User Management)

  • Does the user have an evaluator assigned to them? (Evaluations > Components > Evaluation Rights)

  • Does the evaluation type the user is assigned to have an evaluation process created? (Evaluations > Components > Component Manager > District Process tab > Eval type)

  • Have the user's components all been zero-instanced? If the user has been entered in the system, the eval type has been assigned, the evaluator rights have been given, and a process has been created in the Component Manager for the eval type, the last item to check is under Component Manager > User Components > search for the user. If all components for the user have been changed to "0", increase the component instance to "1" and the components should now appear in Process View.

If the evaluator is still unable to see a user in their Process View after checking the areas above, please submit a ticket to epsupport@cesa6.org.

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