Adding or Changing a Logo

Your district’s logo or another image may be added to the top of any form.

Note:  Logos may only be added to the top section of a form.

Identify the form where you would like to add the logo.  Click on Evaluations on the left Nav Bar, go to Components and then select Component Manager.  The left side of the Component Manager contains your district’s templates.  The right side contains your District Processes with your evaluation types and forms.  If you would like the logo to appear on ALL of your forms you will need to make the changes on the template side (left) prior to forms being dragged over to district process.  If the forms are already on the right side in the district process you can edit each desired form as outlined below.

Use these steps to add a logo to a form:

Open form by clicking on pencil to edit

Click to highlight the top section of the form (where the Form Title is contained). When selected to edit, you will see a orange dashed line around the section of your form that will be edited.  

Locate the "Logo" Section Properties on the right side of the screen.

"Include Logo" should remain checked.

Optionally, set the Logo Width and Logo Height.

Indicate how you would like the logo aligned using the down arrow for the Logo Align property.

Click the GREEN ADD button and a logo dialog upload box will appear.  Click the upload arrow to upload your logo file to MyLearningPlan.  Maximum image size is 100KB.  Click SAVE.

The logo is now stored on your Frontline Education platform.  To add to additional forms you will just need to open the form in edit mode (click on pencil), select the top section of your form. Go to the section properties on the right.  Click the pull down menu for Logo: and select your image.  It will automatically save.


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