Effectiveness Cycle Evidence Summary Form

The “Effectiveness Cycle Evidence Summary” does not have any fields that need to be completed by the educator or evaluator.  It merely reports all of the tagged observation and artifact evidence over the entire Cycle.  The one in Supporting Year 1 will display evidence entered that year.  In Supporting Year 2, it will display that year and the previous. Then, in the Summary Year, it will display 3 years of evidence.

If you assigned forms prior to pulling over the Effectiveness Cycle Evidence Summary you do not need to go back and assign the form. At the end of the year the only required work to be done on the form is for the evaluatee to submit and the evaluator to finalize.

When uploading artifacts, if your staff is unable to select a rubric in the pull down your evaluation processes need to include the Effectiveness Cycle Evidence Summary. 

 The Status and Setup of the Effectiveness Cycle Evidence Summary in Frontline provides more detailed information about where to find the forms in the Component Manager, and how to set them up yourself instead of waiting for Frontline to do so.


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