Teachscape Migration Explanation

Migration is not contingent on whether your users and evaluation types are set up. If you have not completed the Set Up Process please move forward.


Frontline Education has run and completed your PDF Summary data migration and wanted to inform you that the data is now available in Frontline Education platform.

Please understand that the PDF migration will not rectify any issues or problems that existed in Reflect.  Those issues may or may not be limited to:

  • Formatting issues of the display of the PDF
  • Scores not having been saved or displayed properly in Reflect.
  • Data that may be missing or not visible in Reflect (scores or other comments).
  • Inaccurate data saved to a form.

The process Frontline ran simply provides the district with access to that same data in its current form in Reflect, however, through Frontline’s EE System (MLPOASYS) the goal is to ensure that you have historical representation in one system of the data collected for your staff members.

Please note, if you have staff not assigned to an active Evaluation Type, Frontline created a report for you in the System Reports area of the site called, “Inactive Users”.  You can View this report to see a link to the portfolio for review of the historical data for any of those unassigned (inactive) users.  In the meantime, should you have the need, your access to Reflect remains active.

Frontline did want to be clear that they cannot fix Reflect data issues. Frontline can roll back the migrated data if you would prefer not to inherit the information in its current form in Reflect.  The option is to either keep all data or request that the data be removed. Districts are not able to request to keep some of the data and remove other data. Please let Frontline know if it is your preference to have all of the data removed. You should contact Frontline Customer Support with questions and feedback. By email at Support@Teachscape.com, or by phone 1-888-479-7600, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm EST.

Frontline Education is looking forward to the District being on the more stable and reliable platform and experiencing superior data collection and reporting capabilities.

To see the migrated data the user should go to "MyEvaluations" and click on the Artifact Files. 

Evaluators can see the migrated data my clicking on the "stack of papers" icon to the right of the user's name in the Process View.

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