Assigning Components for Pupil Services Evaluation Types

The following pupil services evaluation types have been pre-populated into your Frontline Education Evaluation platform.

  • Counselor Summary Year
  • Counselor Supporting Year 1
  • Counselor Supporting Year 2
  • LMS Summary Year
  • LMS Supporting Year 1
  • LMS Supporting Year 2
  • Nurse Summary Year
  • Nurse Supporting Year 1
  • Nurse Supporting Year 2
  • Psychologist Summary Year
  • Psychologist Supporting Year 1
  • Psychologist Supporting Year 2
  • Social Worker Summary Year
  • Social Worker Supporting Year 1
  • Social Worker Supporting Year 2

Review: Pupil Services & Library Media Specialist Evaluation Types & Process Components before adding the components in the Frontline Education Evaluation platform.

To add the components to the appropriate evaluation type:

  1. Click on DistrictAdmin tab.
  2. Locate the Component Manager on the left navigation bar.
  3. On the right side/District Process of the Component Manager, select the appropriate evaluation type.
  4. On the left side/Evaluation Templates locate the component.
  5. Click on the component and drag to the right side. (A green check will appear showing it is on the right side) Release the component. It will populate in the District Process for the selected evaluation type.
  6. Continue this process for each component you wish to include in the selected evaluation type.

Assigning Artifact Types and Artifact Categories to the appropriate evaluation type:

  1. Click on Config Summary - Artifact Type on left side navigation bar. Then one by one click on each active artifact type in the list.  The dialog box displays the name of the artifact type, an optional description box, and a collapsed listing of all evaluation types in your system.
  2. Click the drop down menu of the Evaluation Types and select your new evaluation type(s). (Notice counselor and LMS are not checked as the evaluation types were added after your system was originally configured.) 
  3. Click submit at the bottom of the box. Complete this process for each NEW evaluation type.
  4. Follow the same process to select Artifact Categories.




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