Enable District File Library

 You can enable the My File Library within the Frontline Education Evaluation Platform and then upload documents to house within the system.

  • Go to Site Configuration
  • Click on EDIT DISTRICT PROFILE (Center portion of screen)
  • Go down to CONFIGURATION OPTIONS section. Find Enable District File Library (see below). Click YES.  *Note: You could also choose to enable the User File Library as well by clicking YES.

The function then shows up on the left navigation bar at My File Library (see below).

The District Admin with SITE CONFIG rights will need to upload the docs into the system for folks to view. Note Site Configuration rights are full "keys" to the castle. Any information that is listed on the site can be accessed. Frontline would caution anyone, unless they truly need it and are properly trained about the District Config access to upload documents.

You must be on the District Admin tab. Click on CONFIG SUMMARY - click on FILE LIBRARY. You will then see the Add File green circle button and can upload the docs you wish to store.

At this time Frontline accepts the following for My File Library: Microsoft Office products, Mac products, PDF and .wmv files

To link a URL you will need to paste onto a Word document or PPT slide OR Mac pages or Presentation slide.

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