Adding a Component (not visible) to Evaluation Process

Looking to add a component but do not want the component available to all evaluatees in a designated evaluation type? Add a component and set to "zero instances".  This allows the administrator to select the component for specific users in an evaluation type.

This is commonly used to add a Performance Improvement Plan or observation.

The Performance Improvement Plan component is used to explain the process.

1.  (Insights) click on Evaluation - then Components - then click on Component Manager

3. On the right side/District Process of the Component Manager select the appropriate evaluation type.

4. Look through the left side/Evaluation Component Templates for the appropriate Performance Improvement Plan component. (i.e. Teacher, Educational Specialist, School Administrator, Central Office Administrator)

5. Click on the “Performance Improvement” folder and slide to the right side/district process side of the component manager for the appropriate evaluation type. (Caution: You may have to scroll down the component list of the district process to locate. Be sure to click the folder not the individual forms.

6. On the right side/district process, locate the Performance Improvement Plan component, click the cog .

7. Click default to zero instances: This keeps the forms from being visible. Be sure to Save Component once you click the default.

8. Once you wish to deploy a PIP to a staff member go to the process view of the specific staff member and click on the Manage Instances tab.

9. Adjust the instances to 1 for the Performance Improvement Component.

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