Mass Change Cycle Dates in User Management

Evaluation cycles may only be a maximum of ONE year in duration.

To ensure all mapping functions correctly forms default to a start date of 7/1 and end date of 6/30. If a district desires a different 1-year cycle with an end date later than 6/30 each form will need to be edited in the "section properties".  A district could have a cycle that is less than one year, (example: 8/1 to 6/30) without the need to edit.  Notice the end date remains on 6/30.

Follow these steps to adjust your cycle date(s):

  1. Follow the path: Evaluations > CONFIG > User Management.
  2. Select the Users you wish to change. (Select all by clicking the box to the left of "User".) Remember to do ALL pages or increase the per page field to include all users 
  3. Enter the desired start date. (if you are adjusting the dates after your cycles have started be sure to enter the same start date as you originally assigned.)  Then, enter 6/30 of the desired year for the end date or a different end date if you have worked with Frontline to change your end dates.
  4. Click "Set Cycle Dates" and click Submit. The below warning may appear. If the cycle dates do not include the date a form was completed, (For example form was completed on 8/15 of the current year but cycle dates were changed to start date of 8/30 - data on that form would be lost.)Warning_for_Changing_Cycle_Dates.png

*Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page to review the number of users. If necessary increase the "per page" number to include all users. This will allow you to mass change dates for all users.

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