Mass Change Cycle Dates in Evaluation Assignments

Cycle dates can be changed on an individual basis or in bulk. To change the start and end dates for one or more users, you will need to access Evaluation Assignments. This displays a list of every active user in your district. 

Follow these steps to adjust your cycle date(s):

  1. Follow the path: Evaluations > CONFIG > Evaluation Assignments.
  2. Select the Users you wish to change. (Select all by clicking the box to the left of "User".) 
  3. Enter the desired start date. Then, enter 6/30 of the desired year for the end date or a different end date if you have worked with Frontline to change your end dates.
  4. Click "Set Cycle Dates" and click Submit. The below warning may appear. NOTE: If the cycle dates do not include the date a form was completed, for example, a form was completed on 8/15 of the current year but cycle dates were changed to start date of 8/30 - data on that form could be lost.Warning_for_Changing_Cycle_Dates.png
  5. If you need to locate a specific user, you may have to look page-by-page. Or you can quickly filter the list by clicking the carrot in the user column, selecting the filter pull out, and typing the last name. As you begin to type, the system narrow down the list.source.png
  6. As always, if you are questioning whether you should change the cycle dates, please contact the Help Center. We'd be happy to help.


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