Evidence Collection Tool

The Evidence Collection tool provides an additional way to collect evidence during observations. When using the Evidence Collection tool the evaluator is able to collect evidence and align evidence at the same time or the evaluator can choose to gather the evidence and then align the evidence to corresponding components after the observation. The Evidence Collection tool can only be used when the icon is not ghosted out.

To locate the tool go to the Process View, select the educator, locate the observation component, then click the plus sign to locate the form.  Look to the left of the form icon for the scroll icon.   

If you click on the Evidence Collection tool icon you will be capturing data and then syncing to the form. While using the tool you are also able to view, but not enter data into the form. When using the Evidence Collection tool, do not click on the form icon in the Process View as this opens a second version of the form. If you have both the Evidence Collection tool and the form open at the same time and save the form, this action could overwrite the data collection with the tool causing a loss of data.

The Evidence Collection tool provides the evaluator with the option to use Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on the gear icon to view the preset "student" and "teacher" shortcuts. The evaluator may also add personal shortcuts.


Using the tool enter evidence in the "Evidence" box. You can choose to align as you collect by hovering over the identified component(s) and clicking on the appropriate fly out component, or you can collect evidence and align after you have completed the evidence collection.  IMPORTANT: remember to hit return after each piece of evidence to allow you to align specific evidence to specific components.

Once evidence is collected click on Evidence Review tab at the top of the observation form.  There are three options:  aligned evidence (this is evidence that you have aligned to components), unaligned evidence (this is evidence that has not yet been aligned), evidence/score.

Click on Aligned Evidence tab to view and realign if necessary.

Click on the Unaligned Evidence tab to align evidence.  Click on the evidence on the left and select the component you would like to align the evidence to on the right.  Click the align button in the top right corner. You must click the align button. Using the save shortcut does not align the evidence.

Once all evidence is aligned, click on the evidence/score tab to review alignment. You can review by alignment, evidence or timeline. 

When all evidence is reviewed, click the SYNC button at the top left. If you check the box before you sync the evidence will clear from the tool after the sync. The default is set to provide you further data security. If you choose to not clear the evidence and you go back into the tool for the same observation and enter more data the data initially entered will duplicate onto the form when you sync again.

Note: If you have submitted the form to the educator prior to syncing, go to the form in question and scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click, edit form.  This will reopen the form and allow you to sync the evidence from the evidence collection tool. Then re-submit to the educator.



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