Deleting an Artifact

There are multiple locations from which to upload an artifact.

Artifacts can be uploaded directly to forms that have an artifact upload feature.
The evaluatee may delete artifacts on the form until submitted to the evaluator. Once submitted, the evaluator would need to go to the identified form and select "edit" at the bottom of the form. This will re-open the form for the evaluatee. The evaluatee would then delete the artifact and resubmit the form/element to the evaluator.  Artifacts can be uploaded directly to the Artifact Files. An evaluatee would go to My Evaluations on the left Navigation Bar and click on Artifact Files (Legacy). In the Insight Platform the evaluatee would go to My Info on the left and then My Evaluations and then Artifacts. An evaluator would go to Process View, locate the evaluatee and click the "stack of papers" icon to the far right (See screen shot below). Then click on Artifact Files.

Artifacts need to be deleted from the location the artifacts were originally uploaded. To review where artifacts have been uploaded go to Artifact Files and hover over the magnifying glass to the right of each listed artifact. The location the artifact was uploaded from will be viewed.

Artifact Files:  Evaluatee locates the artifact and deletes using the red circle.  Please note:  all uploaded artifacts will appear in the Artifact File. Only artifacts that were originally uploaded to the Artifact Files will have a red circle.

An evaluator is able to upload artifacts to an evaluatee's form or Artifact Files.  The evaluatee is not able to delete artifacts uploaded by the evaluator.

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