Lost Internet Connection-Completing Offline

If you lose internet connection while working in Frontline be sure to click save at the bottom of the form.  The following message will show on your screen. If you are using a mobile device you will also receive this message when you save the form.

Once you regain internet connection, log back into the same device where you had been working when you lost connectivity.  

If on a mobile device, and the element pending sync box does not automatically display, you will click on Mobile View in the left navigation bar and select the form that needs to sync to the server.

Once you select the form, you are able to click on "Sync Element"

When you log back into your device the following prompt will appear. 

Click on the box(s) to select the form(s) you need to sync with the server.  Click on sync with server.

The screen will then confirm that the sync was completed and you can click ok.

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