Icons for Process and Detail Views

Manage Component Instances - An evaluator can click the gear to increase or decrease the number of instances of that component available within the evaluation process. This is a useful tool for Announced and Mini Observations as it permits assignment of additional instances or reduction of the forms within a given component. 

 - To add a component that is defaulted to zero instances in the District Process click on the "gear icon Manage 0 instance components" and increase the selected component. This feature is located above the user's evaluation process in Process View. 

Form Icon – Click on this icon to access the element/form.

Evidence Collection tool - The Evidence Collection Tool has been designed to facilitate the process of collecting evidence and aligning evidence.  It enables evaluators to quickly and efficiently collect evidence during an observation. Evidence can be gathered, aligned and then synced back to the form, automatically populating the component evidence fields, with the evidence collected.

Assign Component -Click on this icon to assign evaluators  - the assign icon is the "Man with a Green Arrow" icon that appears in lieu of the calendar for user-initiated forms.

 Schedule tool - Use the Schedule pop-up window to complete the logistics for the meeting that you would like to schedule.  Check the Notify User box to send an email alert to the teacher of the scheduled event.  A pencil on the calendar could be used to edit or reschedule an event. Note: Do not check the notify user box for unannounced observations.

Finalize Form - After a form has been completed, the administrator must click the "thumbs up" icon to finalize the form. Select Yes from the pop up to finalize.

 Red Exclamation Mark - 2 Reasons you will see the warning

1. A due date has been assigned to the form. The red exclamation mark will appear in the Process View, Detail View or Admin View once the due date has arrived. On the user’s Learning Plan tab a red exclamation mark will appear once the due date has arrived. Hovering over the red exclamation mark will indicate the due date of the form/element.

2. The field in question on the form has been set as a required field. The “Required” exclamation mark will appear next to the field indicating that the user must enter data into the field. An error message will appear if the required field is not filled out on the form and the form will not be able to be submitted.




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