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The purpose of the Admin View is to make relevant information accessible to the administrator or evaluator. In order for Admin View to optimally work, forms must be assigned to the evaluator. If forms are not assigned the administrator will only see administrator initiated forms as part of the Admin View once submitted. Educator-initiated forms will show in the Admin View only after the administrator finalizes.

Follow the path: Evaluations > ADMINISTRATION > Admin View


The top part of the view shows a pie chart depicting forms by status.  The colors of the pie will change depending on the number of different status indicators.  You may not have forms listed in all of the various status categories (awaiting acknowledgment, awaiting finalization, complete, in progress, incomplete, not scheduled, proposed, scheduled).

Hovering over a specific segment of the pie chart and clicking will provide the specific forms and users.  Individual forms can be opened by clicking on the form icon.  If it is a scheduled form the form may be rescheduled in this view as well.

The Display Mode is a toggle between the forms you have assigned to yourself vs. all of the forms for all of the users that you have evaluation rights over. 

Many helpful status reports are available by clicking the arrow for views.

If you set due dates in Frontline Education Evaluation a helpful report is "Elements Past Due".


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