Create a Detail View

The filtering and sorting tools in the Detail View enable you to format the information to create your own custom views for different purposes. You can save each view with a name that makes sense to you, so that you can quickly and easily access the views that you need most often.

1. (Legacy)Click on District Admin Tab. 

2. Click on DETAIL VIEW on left navigation bar.

1. (Insight) Click on Evaluations

2. Click on Detail View.


3. Filter accordingly. It may be helpful to locate the “Buildings” filter at top right of page and “select all” or the designated building and click “apply".

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page.  You will see a display listing the amount of pages and elements.  Look at the bottom right hand side of the page and you will see the amount of elements listed.  If you cannot view the amount, click on the go to last page arrow.

The detail view displays total number of elements in the bottom right hand corner.

Only 50 elements are viewable on one page.  Increase the number of items viewable per page to a number larger than the number of total elements.  For this example, 5000 was entered into the per page field so the number of pages of my detail view is now 1 and all forms are accounted for.

5.  Filter by your preferences.

6. It can be helpful to save views that you have created to easily display certain data in a format that is most useful to you.  See the article “Saving, Sharing and/or Formatting a Detail View.”

7. If you wish to email one or more users using the Detail View see the article, "Using Email Option in Detail View."


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