Process View

The Process View provides evaluators with access to all of the users and the functions they need to manage and complete evaluations.  The Process View allows the evaluator to see the evaluation process with all components and forms of a specific user.  

Click District Admin tab, scroll left navigation bar and click Process View. (Legacy)

Click Evaluations then Process View (Insight).

View the top part of the screen to see an overview of the evaluation status of all the users for which you have been assigned evaluation rights.

Note the following status options for an overall evaluation (top portion of screen):

  • Awaiting Finalization:  Awaiting rollover
  • In Progress:  An active evaluation cycle is underway.
  • Not Yet Started:  Evaluation cycle has not yet started.

View the bottom part of the screen to see the Evaluation Profile for a particular user, which provides a more detailed picture of their evaluation status. To view the specific form(s) in a component click the blue plus sign to expand.

Note the following status options for a particular user:

  • Incomplete: The component/element has not yet started.
  • Scheduled:  There is a scheduled date and time for the element.
  • In Progress: The component/element is in progress.
  • Awaiting Acknowledgement: The form has been submitted to the user for review and acknowledgement.  The user has not yet acknowledged the form, but has received an email with the request. The form is listed under Action Required status in the My Evaluation section.  Not all forms require user acknowledgement.
  • Awaiting Finalization:  The user has acknowledged the form/element, and it is ready to be finalized by the evaluator.
  • Complete: The form has been finalized.

To complete a form in Process View:

  1. Select the user 
  2. From the user's evaluation profile (bottom portion of screen), expand a component by clicking on the small plus sign to the left of the component. 
  3. Click on the form icon or evidence collection tool icon to the right of the status column to enter evidence. 

Enter data into the form and then at the bottom of the form click save.  Additional buttons available at the bottom of the form:

  • Submit (if you are finished with the form and ready for the user to view it)
  • Save (If you would like to save as a draft to finish later)
  • Save & Notify (Allows an administrative colleague who has evaluation rights for the selected user to review the form for feedback prior to submitting the form to the user)
  • Reset (To clear the form)
  • Print (To print a hardcopy of the form)
  • Comment (To add a comment about something on the form, which will be attached to the form)

To close out the form from the administrator's workflow the form will need to be finalized.  This only occurs after the evaluatee has acknowledge an evaluator generated form or after the evaluator has reviewed and approved an evaluatee generated form.

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