Form Buttons

What do the buttons at the bottom of the form mean?

Enter data into a form and then at the bottom of the form click:

 Some forms require the evauatee to acknowledge.

  • Submit - if you are completely finished with the form and ready for it to be reviewed.
  • Save - to save as a draft to finish later (or press CTRL+SHIFT+S).
  • Save & Notify - to give an administrator a “heads-up” to review the form before submitting the form – allows for a two-way feedback process prior to submitting form (This works for both educator to admin feedback OR admin to admin feedback).
  • Reset - The data is cleared only on the surface of the form. In order for the data to be cleared from the database, the cleared sections need to be saved.
  • Print - to print a hard copy of the form.
  • Comment - to add a comment about something on the form, which will be attached to the form, but not part of the form itself. 
  • Acknowledge - Clicking the Acknowledge button is the equivalent of an online signature.  The user's acknowledgement indicates the form information has been received.  It does not necessarily indicate agreement.
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