Focus Recertification for Evaluators/Observers of Teachers

The online Focus system of training, certification, calibration, and recertification on the Danielson Framework for Teaching strengthens observer consistency, inter-rater reliability, and unbiased observable evidence collection.  Calibration and the Recertification Assessment are designed to address the issue that scoring accuracy may fluctuate over time.  Calibration is a formative tool through which observers can use feedback to improve their scoring accuracy.  The Recertification Assessment, however, is a summative assessment. Emphasis is given to scoring accuracy for recertification because this skill is expected to shift more over time than the foundational knowledge of the Framework.

DPI requires evaluators of teachers:

  • pass the Focus certification assessment before conducting observations and evaluations of teachers.
  • Complete calibration activities every semester between certification assessments.  
  • pass the recertification assessment every 4 years after the initial achievement of certification.

See Focus Recertification for Evaluators/Observers of Teachers guidance document.


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