Scoring and Feedback of Components and Attributes

Summative (and formative) feedback and coaching should occur at the critical attribute/granular level, utilizing that information to coach educators for growth.  DPI would prefer that the platform allow for the selection of critical attributes directly aligned to levels (without the ability to select blanks). This would more closely align to the vision and purpose of the EE process. The platform currently doesn’t provide functionality to perform this documentation in an ideal manner. Frontline has indicated that new functionality is being explored that may allow for this in the future.  We will continue to work with Frontline on this.

Until this functionality is available, evaluators using MLP must score and select critical attributes for all 22 components for at least this year. 

Evaluators and educators may agree to focus growth and improvement on specific “target” components within an evaluation.  Those targeted components should be determined based on the knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of the educator.  There must be a base knowledge of what those strengths and weaknesses are.  Thus, evidence and critical attributes should be provided for all 22 components.  The focus of conversations and feedback should be at the critical attribute level, utilizing them to coach educators for growth.  

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