Deleting and/or Moving a User's Evaluation Rights


Deleting and/or Moving A User’s Evaluation Rights

Evaluation rights can be deleted at any time. To delete rights, follow path: Evaluations > Components > Evaluation Rights. Options for deleting evaluation rights are:


  • Select the red delete icon to the far right of any row.
  • To confirm removal click “Yes.”

OPTION 2: COMPLETE MULTIPLE DELETE FUNCTIONS FOR AN ADMINISTRATOR. NOTE: There may be multiple pages that you will need to view to complete the following process. 

  • Filter by administrator’s name from the dropdown.
  • If you wish to delete the administrator’s right for a number of users, select the users using the checkbox at the far left of the row.
  • At the bottom of the screen and click “Delete Selected.” 


  • If you wish to delete all evaluation rights for the selected administrator, click the checkbox to the left of the word “Administrator” and click “Delete Selected” at the bottom of the screen.

OPTION 3: MOVING EVALUATION RIGHTS FROM ONE EVALUATOR TO A DIFFERENT EVALUATOR - Complete multiple delete functions for a user. NOTE: There may be multiple pages that you will need to view to complete the following process.

Evaluation rights can be moved from from one evaluator to another, following the steps below:

  • Follow path: Evaluations > Components > Evaluation Rights
  • Filter by the administrator that is currently assigned evaluation rights.
  • Select the box next to “Administrator” to select all educators the evaluator is assigned to. NOTE: If the evaluator has enough educators that extend to several pages, notice the blue link indicating “Select all 218 items” in screenshot below. Select that link to select ALL educators over all pages.
  • Choose the “Move Selected” option at the bottom of the evaluation rights screen.
  • The “Move Rights” dropdown will appear and you will have the option to select another administrator to move the selected rights to.
  • Select the administrator and click on the “Move Rights” button to move the rights from one administrator to another.
  • Repeat steps as necessary for other administrators if needed.
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