WI Licensure Renewal Option

Frontline Education has placed the WI Licensure Renewal Option component into all 2016-17 DPI recognized pilot districts. The component has been set to zero instances for applicable evaluation types. 

Deploy the WI Licensure Renewal Option component to selected users by one of the three options:

1.The evaluator or Super Admin will need to go to the Process View, click on the pilot user and locate the "Manage 0 Instances Components." Click on the “Manage 0 instances components" for selected user and increase the "WI Licensure Renewal Option" to 1.  

2. Administrators with Super Admin rights can go to the Component Manager and click "User Components."


Once on User Components, select the user, locate the WI Licensure Renewal Option component, and increase to one instance. Continue the process until all users have been updated.

3. You may choose to uncheck the 0 instance setting within the Component Manager for eval types at the district level, which will make it a required form for everyone (assigned to that eval type).  If you choose this option, the form must be completed by everyone, indicating whether they “Agree” or “Disagree” in participation, and it will have to be finalized at the end of the year for everyone in order to complete rollover.


After the form was created, it came to light that the educator’s licensing Entity Number must be associated with the submission to DPI.  DPI has already made plans to add a field to the form for 2017-18 where the educator will have to enter that information. 

For the Pilot an entity text field is needed. To add the text field see WI Licensure Option: Adding the Licensing Entity Text Field

DPI will be communicating with Pilot districts regarding the submission of completion. As long as the educator submits a completed application by June 30, Wis. Stat. 227.51 (2) provides that the existing license does not expire until the DPI completes the processing of the renewal application.


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